Types of Apprenticeships for the Construction Industry

Types of Apprenticeships for the Construction Industry

The construction industry utilises a huge range of trades to get the job done, and many of these trade skills are developed through apprenticeships. By working one-on-one with talented, experienced professionals, people new to the industry get real-world experience and career advancement while construction companies get the high-quality skills and knowledge the industry demands. Here are just a few of the trades where construction apprenticeships can help new talent and organisations get ahead.

Carpenter / Electrical / Plumbing / Bricklaying / Landscaping / Civil

Construction Apprenticeship Programs That Start Careers - And Support Success

At MAG Apprenticeships (Melbourne Apprentice Group), we make apprenticeships simple, both for organisations seeking apprentices and for people wanting to start their career in the construction industry.

As an apprentice, we support you throughout your apprenticeship program, supporting your TAFE formal training which will make you nationally accredited in your chosen field, and helping connect you with reputable construction organisations that will invest in your career.

Contact us today for more information.

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