MAG Apprenticeships: Creating New Pathways at the 2023 Melbourne Careers Expo

MAG Apprenticeships: Creating New Pathways at the 2023 Melbourne Careers Expo

The annual Melbourne Careers Expo is an eagerly anticipated event for students, job seekers, and industry professionals alike. In 2023, MAG Apprenticeships attended their second annual careers expo where our dedicated consultants seized the opportunity to showcase their commitment to career advice, building a skilled workforce, and supporting the construction industry by running construction apprenticeships and traineeships. With a wide range of industry partners, opportunities, and programs to discuss, our consultants did what they do best, talked!

Expert guidance for building and construction apprenticeships and career development

With our MAG Apprenticeships’ team of industry experts and mentors on hand we were able to provide invaluable guidance to those seeking advice about their career journeys. From sharing personal experiences to offering practical tips, our team demonstrated a genuine commitment to helping individuals make informed decisions about apprenticeship jobs and career pathways in the construction industry. Attendees were able to engage in meaningful conversations, gaining insights into the benefits of pursuing building and construction apprenticeships and the rewarding nature of working in a trade in the industry.

Forging Partnerships and Industry Collaboration 

The Melbourne Careers Expo also served as a platform for MAG Apprenticeships to foster relationships with industry partners. Collaborative initiatives and networking with future host employers, trade associations, and apprenticeship groups were fundamental across the expo. These partnerships are crucial in ensuring that hiring an apprentice is easy and accessible, that apprentices receive top-quality training andsupport, and that MAG creates opportunity for our apprentices to gain exposure to real-world industry practices. The expo allowed MAG Apprenticeships to highlight the mutually beneficial relationships we have cultivated, further enhancing our reputation as a trusted provider of apprenticeship opportunities across Australia.

We’re proud to showcase the potential of Australian apprenticeships for the trade industry!

By showcasing diverse career pathways and sharing inspiring success stories, the MAG team hoped they left a lasting impact on attendees, instilling a sense of excitement and confidence in pursuing an apprenticeship in the construction industry. As MAG Apprenticeships continues to shape the workforce of tomorrow trades people, their participation at events like the Melbourne Careers Expo sets their position as a beacon of opportunity for aspiring apprentices.